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March 8, 2016

Butterfly in Reverse: From SOA to Monolith

by Mark Bates

OA, SPA, JSON APIs, all the big buzz words. I spend my days building these for my clients. When I started working on my startup we were going to build it “the right way”. So why is it a single monolith with full page refreshes and almost no JavaScript? Excellent question!

September 10, 2013

A Big Look at MiniTest

by Mark Bates

With Rails 4 supporting only Ruby 1.9 and above it can fully embrace the MiniTest library that ships with Ruby 1.9. What does this mean for Rails developers? Let's find out. In this talk we'll look at using MiniTest in a simple, non-Rails, project and then work up to using it in a Rails application. We'll look at both the TestUnit and RSpec style syntaxes that MiniTest offers. We'll also learn to write custom matchers, run specific files, and much more. Testing is important to all Ruby and Rails developers, and with such a powerful testing library already bundled with Ruby, shouldn't we learn how to use it?

January 8, 2013

Ruby Singletons

by Mark Bates

Mark Bates takes us on a tour of he singleton pattern, one of the most common design patterns in any language. We'll take a look at how, and when, to implement singletons Ruby. We'll also learn what happens when you call '.new' on a class.

August 14, 2012

RubyMotion – Myth, Magic, or The Future?

by Mark Bates

Are you like me? Have you tried iOS development only to run away screaming in terror because of xCode, Objective-C, or many of the other absurdities that await you down the dark path to the top of the iTunes App Store? If so, come with me as we explore RubyMotion. RubyMotion let’s you write native iOS in Ruby. But what does that mean? What does it look like? Do I still have to use xCode? What about those bizarre function definitions that Objective-C uses? We will look at all of those questions, and more. By the end of this talk you will been presented with a high-level view of RubyMotion, what it is, and what it isn’t. I’ll show you the pros and cons of this potential unicorn of mobile application development. Let’s explore this fascinating new development environment together and find out if it’s worth the price of admission.

May 13, 2008


by Mark Bates

Mack is a Ruby web framework being designed for distributed, portal-like applications, using 'best of breed' technologies and form, with an emphasis on performance.