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April 9, 2013

Improving Test Speed in Rails Applications

by Ken Mazaika

Test Driven Development has changed the way a lot of us develop software. Using this approach to develop new features and automating the testing process ensures safety and code quality; but it can feel frustrating to wait for a test suite to run. If you haven't done done any tuning of your development rails environment there are a number of quick wins you can make substantial improvements to the runtime of your test suite. This talk will explain the strategies used to reduce a test suite from taking around 40 minutes, to around 13 minutes, with a minimal amount of work - not rewriting all the tests or making any fundamental changes to application or test code. Walking away from this talk you will know the steps you should take on your development machine right away, along with an overview of how to use performance analysis tools to find the bottlenecks in your specific application.