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November 10, 2009

It's not just about the code

by Dan Pickett

We spend so much time focusing on conventional programming. Everyone focuses on standard, code clarity, testing and what gems to use. Let's chat about what's done before your fingers hit the keys. Let's talk about brainstorming, requirements, stakeholders, mockups, and writing solid user stories and acceptance tests with Cucumber. Every project has a story - how will your next one end?

July 14, 2009

Ruby Craftsmanship

by Gregory Brown

Ruby as a language is special because it knows how to get out of our way and let us focus on our problem domain. But how do we move beyond raw technical understanding to actually improve our craft? This talk will focus on some techniques that help, and maybe debunk a few myths along the way.

June 9, 2009

Hands Free Rails Development

by Chris Maxwell

When Chris' doctor told him that he had to either give up playing guitar or stop typing (development) for a living he decided to to find a way to do both. Come see how Chris has setup a hands-free Ruby on Rails development encironment.

From the Keyboard to the Community

by Pat Allan

The Ruby community is made up of some wonderful passionate people. How can we put that passion to work to help others? A discussion on some ways our hard-earned skills and knowledge can be useful in making the world just that little bit better.

March 10, 2009

Thinking Sphinx and the Sphinx Search Engine

by Dan Pickett

SOLR, Ferret, Ultrasphinx, and Thinking Sphinx. With so many options for indexed search what's the latest and greatest? Let's talk about Pat Allan's Thinking Sphinx, why Sphinx is a great search engine, and why you should think about using them.

Rails Internationalization

by Mike Champion

An overview of the Rails i18n functionality and lessons learned from working to internationalize our application. Official Rails i18n support is still relatively new & continuing to mature. Will also cover our Translator plugin we're developing to simplify the process of externalizing strings and testing an internationalized application.

February 10, 2009

Innovation in Rails

by Gregg Pollack, Jason Seifer

In order to stay competitive, every Rails developer should keep up to date with the latest tools to write better ruby code and produce better websites. In this talk the Rails Envy guys will attempt to sum up a year of Rails innovation in 60 minutes, covering 20 of the most useful, ingenious, and innovative new developments. Any Rails developer is bound to pick up at least 5 new tools for their tool-belt.