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September 14, 2010

Haml, Sass, and Compass for Sane Web Development

by Jeremy Weiskotten

HTML and CSS are ubiquitous on the web, but they were mostly created in a vacuum. Haml, Sass, and Compass provide helpful abstractions and utilities to remove some of the repetition and noise in your code for rapid development and easier maintenance. We'll discuss the basics and general syntax, then dive into some code to see how it really works.

Clarity with REST and Inherited Resources

by Brian Kaney, Steve Masterman

Many Rails apps these days strive to be RESTful. But as complexity builds, exceptions are made, which can lead to a slippery slode toward fat controllers and complicated routing. We will try to add some clarity and look at RES fundamentals.

August 10, 2010

Redis: Persistance Power

by Nick Quaranto

"memcached on steroids" or something more jaron filled. The biggest selling point of Redis is that as programmers we have to bend our data into a table or document to save it, but with Redis we can persist data as we visualize it. We'll go over the basics of Redis, how to use it with your Ruby applications, and some real use cases.

The Semantic Web and Ruby: A RDF Primer Primer Primer

by Pascal Rettig

This talk will include an overview of some examples of how to play with Semantic Data in Ruby.