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October 9, 2012

Creating Ruby Extensions in C

by Dave Ott

If you find yourself as a diligent Rubyist in a situation where you need to do some 'heavy lifting', or perhaps you have a computation that is just too painfully close to the lower end of your speed threshold, you may be in position that requires you to get closer to the metal. Writing Ruby extensions in C is probably a lot simpler and more fun than you may think. So let's learn how!

Location Based Apps

by Peter Jackson

Location based apps are everywhere, but few developers have taken their code beyond dropping a few pins on a map. Or embedding a Google map. This talk begins by covering the different types of location-based applications. Then we will look at the anatomy of a typical location-based application, and the elements of the spatial tool stack that apply to each geospatial element in the application. Finally, we will explore some examples of geospatial applications that are 1) inspiring and 2) use different elements of the stack as discussed during the session. We will wrap up with a preview of geo_rails, the soon-to-be-released spatial framework for Rails. Peter Jackson is a mountain climber, rails developer, project manager, and musician from NH. Not a movie director.