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October 11, 2011

Using MongoDB in Anger

by Kyle Banker

You've "gotten the hang of" MongoDB. You get the basic ideas. But you want to build a production-quality app, and you're not sure you're keen on all the inside info. Sound familiar? If so, this talk, which presents a variety of advanced techniques for using MongoDB successfully in production, is for you.

Transforming Ruby Code

by Ben Hughes

Programmatically transforming Ruby code is easier than you think and has several interesting applications: automated refactoring, coding style/best practices enforcement, DSL translation, and more. This talk will explain the concepts behind transforming code and expose some of the tools available to do so.

Backbone.js and Rails

by Jason Morrison

These days, some web apps have more code on the client than on the server. Learn how Backbone.js is put together, how to use it with Rails, and how to make building JavaScript-heavy web apps a pleasure.