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November 13, 2012

ElasticSearch and scaling your search in the cloud

by MaurĂ­cio Linhares

Full text search isn't a simple problem, scaling a full text search solution when your app has do handle a couple million documents isn't simple either. In this talk I'm going to show you how you can easily integrate ElasticSearch into your Rails (or Ruby) application, common techniques for indexing and searching your data, sharding, fail over and scaling your solution to meet the scaling needs of today's applications.

Quick Web App Prototyping with Rails

by Pascal Rettig

Pascal Rettig will discuss what tools you can use to quickly build dynamic prototypes using Rails with the minimum amount of ceremony. He will talk about what tools (including Twitter bootstrap, Inherited resources, MongoDB and Backbone) you can use to accelerate the prototyping process on both the client and server side to get attractive, functional rails apps up and running quickly. The presentation will include live-coding where a simple app is bootstrapped, built and deployed to Heroku.

What's new in Ruby 2.0

by Patrick Robertson

Patrick Robertson brings us up to date with what is going on with Ruby 2.0 and threatens the crowd with a crazy cat man.