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August 12, 2014

Generating Slides with Ruby

by Jed Northridge

In this Lightning Talk, Jed will show us how to generate slideshows using Ruby and a gem he's devised specifically for that purpose.

Resource Oriented CSS with Rails and Sass

by Alex Jarvis

Learn how to lean on Rails conventions to architecture flexible and DRY CSS using Sass.

Dont let SOA get in your way

by Christopher Lee

As software systems become more complex, Service-Oriented or Microservice architectures become common. While these architectures have their benefits, they make building and testing your Rails application more complicated because of runtime dependencies. Chris shares his experiences building Rails applications in an SOA that keeps Rails development awesome.

Rails on AWS ElasticBeanstalk

by Florian Motlik

Flo will show how to get started with Rails on ElasticBeanstalk with and without their new Docker support.

Common Rails security pitfalls and ways to mitigate them

by Jesse Waites

Jesse has been dealing quite a bit with Rails security issues recently and he will share some of his experience in this Lightning Talk.

Continuous Delivery Orchestration with Ruby

by Rob Park

Rob will walk us through some of the work he's been doing with Ruby to manage some of the pieces involved in a Continuous Delivery environment.

Writing More Maintainable Tests with PageObjects

by Michael Denomy

In this talk, Mike will show how you can use PageObjects to keep your Rails integration tests DRY, expressive, and more maintainable.