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April 12, 2016


by Luís Ferreira

Crystal is a language that looks a lot like Ruby, but is much faster and protects against certain errors, like preventing variables from being nil. Crystal’s standard lib comes bundled with support for WebSockets, OAuth and other nice utilities. It has a very simple testing framework, dependency management system, and even web frameworks. This is a very exciting time to come aboard the Crystal train, especially coming from a Ruby background.

Building a Rails API with the JSON API Spec

by Sonja Peterson

So you're building a Rails API and you want to do it right--following RESTful best practices, with endpoints that can sideload related resources, paginate and filter with grace. The JSON API Specification (jsonapi.org) aims to help you do this without spending a month bikeshedding or reinventing the wheel. But does it really work? Based on my experience using it in my last project, this talk will help you decide whether to use it and how to do so with Rails.